“Career Begging” in Winchester - Two of Winchester’s political heavyweights disagreed over the use of the phrase “career beggar”. Joe & Joe went to the night shelter to see what the experts and former rough sleepers themselves had to say on the matter.
Winchester Campus food bank in time for Christmas - This December is looking to be the busiest month for food banks ever recorded. With this in mind Winchester students have started a food bank on campus. Joseph Lyons reports.
School Exclusions in Hampshire - An investigation by Joe Lyons revealed a significant drop in the number of students being excluded from schools in Hampshire.
Coffee Cup Recycling in Winchester - Winchester has become a city rich with coffee shops. Joe Shaw took a look at how to minimise these shop’s effect on the city’s carbon footprint.
Homelessness is on the rise in Winchester - Sleeping rough at Christmas isn’t something anyone would wish for. But it’s the harsh reality for an increasing number of people in Winchester Joe Lyons got to the heart of the homeless issue in Winchester and spoke to an organisation working to help them.
Emile Cilliers Case: Jury Retires - Joe Shaw’s coverage of the Emile Cilliers trial. This case ended without a verdict, however, the retrial found him guilty of attempted murder and he was sentenced to life.
Diversity of Students at Winchester University - Student diversity has increased at the University of Winchester. Joe Lyons speaks to the University’s key people behind this increase.
Drug Reform at the University of Winchester - Drug policy reform is being discussed at the University of Winchester. @joewrs went to discuss this with SU president Tali Atvars and talk about possible options with Amber Mathurin, ex-VP of Activities at Portsmouth SU.